Witness The Awkward

After filling up two notebooks, writing articles for Leeuwarden Cultural Capital 2018, and printing my first book, a blog seemed like the logical next step. If only I realised how much social media platforms I engulfed myself in.

A lot. Not only did I need to create this page, which was surprisingly easy for a technical genius like me, but I also needed to update every single social media page I ever created. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram.. Until now I wasn’t even aware of the gargantuan amount of social attempts I have undertaken in my lifetime. Most of them stranded, of course, after three months tops.

Next to determine: what to post, who to follow, how to design, and what not to share. There are so many things to take into consideration when wanting to be a part of the virtual world. And why are we all so desperate to be involved?

Maybe it’s because we really do want to share our adventures with our loved ones. But isn’t it more likely that we are all frantically trying to be a part of other peoples’ lives? Nowadays, we want to be there where the action is and see for ourselves what is happening around the world. Escape to a saver, more unreal place, it seems.

Honestly, I am as guilty as anyone. I caught myself picking up my phone as soon as my alarm went off this morning, just to check if I’ve missed something. In a particular order too. First Facebook, then Snapchat, and after Instagram I allowed myself to close my eyes for a few more minutes.

But what if all the cliches are true? What if we really miss what is actually happening right in front of us? I mean, just imagine that you miss your mother make a ridiculously ugly face. Or you miss your sister embarrasses herself. Or your cat decides to jump to a non-existing surface and plunge into the mezzanine. Surely you’d want to witness these preposterous moments.

So put your phone down for a second, and witness the awkward.



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