Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

Me Before You is about a 26 year-old woman, named Louisa Clark, who loses her job as a waitress and ends up working for a suicidal quadriplegic, Will Traynor, who also happens to be a moody arse.

After Will tried to take his own life, his parents decided to hire a quirky young girl (Louisa) to help him see the fun in life again. At first, the two really do not hit it off: Louisa’s trying too hard, and Will’s acting like a stubborn two-year old. However, after Louisa stands up for herself, some serious banter arises between the two of them, resulting in a very-enjoyable-to-read friendship. When Louisa finds out Will wants to, once again, take his own life once the six months end (in Switzerland this time) she comes up with her ‘Calendar of Adventures’. A time consuming hobby it is to organise all kinds of fun outings, but her determination to make Will see that life is worth living brings them in many funny, sweet and new situations.

The book was written from Louisa’s perspective, with an occasional cheeky chapter from the view of a different character. I think, because the book was written like this, and not from an omniscient viewpoint, the reader really feels for both Will and Louisa. It creates a more compassionate situation. Even though I knew how the book was going to end, I still felt miserable because of this viewpoint, so thanks for that, Jojo!

When, after 7 chapters, another characters’ point of view was introduced, I had to adjust slightly. I am not really into books that have multiple PoV’s. But because this happened only four times throughout the entire book, it didn’t bother me that much.

My copy counts 481 pages, but is so well written that it is quite easy to finish it within two days (a day if you’re a quick reader). I kept turning the pages, while I normally read a couple of chapters and get tired.

I really enjoyed reading Me Before You, and I can’t wait to cry my eyes out when the movie is released (16 June 2016)! I highly recommend everyone to go read this book. Especially when you’re looking for an easy read. Now on to the sequel: After You!

First published by Penguin Random House UK in 2012
Young Adult
Rating: 8.9/10


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  1. I thought I wouldn’t like the alternating POVs either but with this book it just kinda works! Great review 🙂

    Laura @ What’s Hot? (@whatshotblog on Instagram)

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