The Girl On The Train – Paula Hawkins

Rachel commutes to London everyday. She knows when the train will stop at the signal, which overlooks a couple back gardens. In her head, the likes to make up lives for the people who live in those houses; she even named them. Every morning is the same, until it isn’t.

From her usual seat on the train, Rachel sees something disturbing. That few seconds change her entire life. She has the chance to become a part of the lives she has watched from a safe distance for so long.

The Girl On The Train was written with multiple perspectives. Every few chapters it changes, shedding different lights on the story. This adds greatly to the reader’s suspense.

I wanted to read this book for a long time, but, living in the Netherlands, made it a little bit harder to find a Dutch copy. And to be quite honest, I do not read thrillers often, so there were other books that were higher on my buying list. Until I found a hardcover copy in a secondhand store.

Reading The Girl On The Train was absolutely worth it. The book is tense and exciting until the very end. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. My copy has 316 pages, which took me no more than 24 hours to complete.

The book is being made into a film, which will premiere on September 27th 2016. The title role will be played by Emily Blunt. A link to the trailer can be found below.



First published by Doubleday in 2015.
Rating: 8/10


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